Thinking with Your Hands: Converting ideas to visible, shareable physical models through LEGO

Have you ever used the word “trust” in your life? In the sense that I trust you or I don’t trust you and you have tried identifying the reasons why I do or don’t trust someone.
But then how do you show trust? It’s such a soft aspect of life. Very hard to define but like air. If it’s there, we don’t see it but the second it’s gone, it’s the most glaring issue of your life. When someone asks me, what’s wrong, how do I show that this is the aspect of trust which is lacking.
During my journey of becoming a Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) Facilitator, I was asked to show trust using a model. I had to let my hands do the thinking and in a very short span of time, I created this.

When I shared about my model to the group, this is what I said – For me trust is all about
⦁ Transparency denoted by the transparent globe.
⦁ Showing up – as displayed by the mini figure’s presence.
⦁ Extending the hand represented by the minifigure’s extended hand.
⦁ Being a solid support system indicated by the red brick.
And when I explained this, I realized this is what I seek in all my relationships – personal or professional.
In a moment , trust was something which I could see and touch and feel. The metaphors brought the entire model alive.
Wow, That’s an AHA moment to savor. isn’t it?
Have you struggled with giving shape to your ideas? I know I have. What if you could externalize your thoughts visually, making them visible and shareable? Give a shape to those soft and critical hidden aspects. LSP helped me bridge the gap between abstract thoughts and concrete representations, fostering a clearer understanding and improved collaboration.
Curious about how LSP Can help you and your teams? Happy to connect with you and share more .

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