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Our flagship program “Shifting Gears” is designed to help Managers shift their mindset from “Me” to ``We” and become more effective in order to achieve Improved Performance and Retention for self and Teams. It combines the best aspects of an instructor led workshop and tech platform to make learning outcomes stick.


An intervention aimed at instilling organizational values in employees so that clients, internal and external customers, and vendors can experience the values in action and take action that is consistent with the corporate ethos on a daily basis.


Our flagship program “Ignite” identifies and develops talent for current and future leadership roles for leading the organization successfully to the next level. Our custom designed simulations, coupled with well-established tools, provide a comprehensive assessment of competencies required for effectively dealing with business challenges


Emergence Live Series works to enhance capabilities to solve for future global challenges. Building Sales Skills, Coaches capability & NexGen trainers and many more programs are available as off the shelf programs. The programs can be delivered offline or in virtual mode. Our virtual learning courses have built the reputation of being the next best thing to a classroom.


Through our team of Instructional designers, we create content that delivers learning in a structured learner centric way and solves the organization’s particular business needs. Doing the Right Training and Doing the Training Right are our two guiding concepts for keeping learning journeys and content simple, impactful, and cost-effective.


There is a growing need to establish a more inclusive atmosphere and to comply with POSH act 2013. Emergence assists in the development of this inclusive, unbiased culture with targeted interventions for the CXO Group, Leaders, Managers, Employees, and Internal Committee Members


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Learning TechnologyE

Cloud-enabled learning technologies make learning accessible for today’s learner who’s always on the go. The virtual content we design is accessibility friendly for mobile, desktop and laptop users. We’re not talking impersonal boring online content that drones in the background, but, intuitive content with personalized questions, infographic based hand-picked tips that induce habit formation, questions that prompt self-reflection, learner-paced self-assessments, audio-visual content are some of the aids we use while designing our e-learning modules – engaging the learner effortlessly by building on their curiosity.
Traditional online training platforms deliver learning in a passive way. That means that 75% of learners will forget what they learned in less than one week after the training. Our approach is "learning by doing". With our Cloud-Enabled Learning Technologies you can transform passive course content into activities and habits so your training programs lead to a long-lasting behavioral change.

Learning TechnologyE

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