Shifting Gears Leadership Development

Unlocking Potential to maximize performance

Our flagship program “Shifting Gears” is designed to help Managers shift their mindset from from “Me” to ‘We” and become more effective in order to achieve Improved Performance and Retention for self and Teams. It combines the best aspects of an instructor led workshop and tech platform to make learning outcomes stick.


India’s Largest Stainless Steel Producer (2020)-

INDUSTRY- Stainless Steel Manufacturing

NO. OF PARTICIPANTS- 130, Mid/Senior Management from all functions


Assistant/Deputy/General managers are equipped to become Learning Leaders in an ever-demanding & ever-changing environment.

Through increased self-awareness, cohort build their own action plans to thrive with a growth mindset in novel and unfamiliar situations.

After undergoing the training, cohort distinguishes & adopts various aspects of Agility to deal with challenges.


Building the learning approach as default in a COVID-impacted business environment

As a part of the Flagship program for Assistant/Deputy/General Managers, the need to build a ‘Learning Mindset’ was recognized as the starting point for top 5-10% of the high performers group. Building learning capabilities was identified as the core aspect of the curriculum.


A 6-weeks learning journey traversing different facets of Learning Agility through virtual Instructor-led sessions, coupled with post-work By building on the 70-20-10 model, ‘Learning to Learn’ journey was crafted to bring about the much-needed shift in mindset. It included recognizing healthy habits, breaking myths around learning, creating one’s own processes to become agile, decoding & growing in different dimensions of learning agility and assessing oneself on the learning checklist to draft an action plan for Fast learning & its implementation.

The experiential learning model helped participants to connect with and learn from each other’s experiences during the sessions, reflect on their learning and apply them on post-workshop assignments, and develop themselves on the learned skills by managing business projects as a part of the program.


Increased self-awareness and strengthened learning agile attitude with noticeable impact on team problem solving, decision making and team management skills as leaders.

Despite the challenges brought about because of COVID 19, the participants ensured ‘Business as usual’ and adapted well to the demands of virtual working. Initial skepticism whether work could even be done in a virtual environment was soon addressed. Key projects involving team members across locations were undertaken and successfully completed.